Sustainability Made Simple

Kitchen Passport holds all the vital information about your kitchen in one accessible and secure location. It not only makes life simpler for you, but simplifies the process of selling your kitchen, or passing on information to a buyer, should you decide to sell your home.

Every kitchen buyer can now take advantage of this initiative created by The Used Kitchen Company to extend the lifetime of their kitchen and reduce unnecessary waste.

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Looeeze Grossman | Founder of Kitchen Passport

“Recycling your kitchen can save up to two tonnes of waste from landfill.”

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Kitchen Passport is taking sustainability to the next level within the kitchen industry. With the support of hundreds of kitchen showrooms, designers and buyers from across the country, Kitchen Passport is fast becoming one of the most innovative green initiatives in retail.

Whether you are a showroom or an individual, show your support for the green revolution by helping to facilitate the shift towards sustainability. Watch our video to check out who has already given it the thumbs up.


Behind the Scenes

Looeeze Grossman founded Kitchen Passport in 2019 after 15 years of experience as CEO of The Used Kitchen Company.

“Having seen first-hand the amount of waste produced during the refurbishment process, I was determined to promote reusability in the kitchen industry..”    

By fostering a sustainable mentality towards kitchen refurbishment, it is our hope that the Kitchen Passport will extend the cradle-to-grave lifespan of all kitchens, and reduce the carbon footprint of showrooms and homeowners across the country.”

Founder of Kitchen Passport