Kitchen Passport was created by The Used Kitchen Company as part of an effort to streamline the kitchen-recycling process. With thousands of kitchens discarded each year in the UK, Kitchen Passport looks to promote sustainability within the kitchen industry by encouraging homeowners to recycle their kitchens instead of throwing them away.

Kitchen Passport?

When it comes to recycling a used kitchen, knowledge about the kitchen is crucial to the resale process. Buyers are far more likely to purchase a kitchen if they know information about its age, make and materials, and have access to contact information for its maintenance.

Kitchen Passport provides a secure and accessible location for all these details, where both sellers and prospective buyers can readily access important information throughout the kitchen’s life-cycle.

Keep your kitchen details safe and secure

Control who can access your passport

Transfer passport to new owner after sale

One. Two. Three.

With Kitchen Passport you can give your kitchen not just a second life, but a third too. Once you’ve entered the details of your kitchen into your passport, you can always access them. This means that, when it comes to selling your kitchen, you can easily share its information with a prospective buyer. Once you’ve sold your kitchen, you can pass on your passport to the next owner, so that the kitchen journey can continue.

Get started now by creating your Kitchen Passport.