Letter on Kitchen Sustainability

Whilst the idea of re-usability has infiltrated all parts of our lives, from to our phones to our homes, we rarely view our kitchen as something that can be reused by someone else. As a result, kitchens seldom survive renovation projects, with perfectly reusable kitchens ending up in landfill.

With thousands of homeowners embarking on renovations each year, the cost of the kitchen industry on the environment has grown considerably in recent years.

The Kitchen Passport is an effort to reverse these practices, and foster a more circular kitchen economy. By providing a safe and secure location for your kitchen’s details, the Passport is designed to facilitate the resale process and reduce the waste produced by the kitchen industry.

We hope that the Kitchen Passport will encourage homeowners to view their kitchens as recyclable items, which can have multiple owners and multiple homes.

Together, we can work towards a sustainable future in the kitchen industry.

Looeeze Grossman
Founder and CEO Kitchen Passport