Recycling Your Kitchen

Kitchens are made to last. However, far too many of them end up in landfill before reaching the end of their natural life. In the UK, the kitchen refurbishment industry produces thousands of tonnes of waste a year, much of which comes from perfectly reusable kitchen items and appliances.

When it comes to renovating your home, reselling your old kitchen can be a great way of reducing waste. With the help of kitchen specialists, a kitchen that no longer suits your needs can be given a completely new home. To find out how this process works, and learn how to sell your own kitchen, visit The Used Kitchen Company.

Passport to a Greener Future

A key step in being able to pass on your kitchen to a new home is providing knowledge of where it has come from. Knowing its age, make and materials gives buyers the confidence to purchase a kitchen that has already been used before.

Kitchen Passport looks to streamline this process by ensuring that, no matter how many times your kitchen has exchanged hands, anyone can easily access detailed and accurate information about its history.

Create your Kitchen Passport to kick-start the recycling process.

Kitchen Dismantling

Dismantling a kitchen may seem simple, but it can often be the trickiest part of the recycling process. Without the right expertise and advice, kitchen removal can result in avoidable damage to worktops and appliances, which can ruin a kitchen for future users.

Read our blog post on kitchen dismantling to find out the best way to approach this process.