Showroom Sustainability

As the starting point for a kitchen lifecycle, there is a responsibility on showrooms to reduce the environmental footprint of their kitchen products. With so many consumers now choosing to back brands and businesses which have strong eco-credentials, showrooms also have an ethical incentive to participate in the green revolution.

By backing the Kitchen Passport, showrooms can demonstrate their commitment to kitchen sustainability. As an officially recognised initiative, inspired by the latest government advice on reusability, Kitchen Passport offers an excellent way to reduce unnecessary kitchen waste and extend the cradle-to-grave lifespan of kitchen products.

How to Get Started

As a showroom, you already have all the information needed to create passports for your clients’ kitchens. Just create a free showroom account and input your kitchen details. You can then give clients access to their passport upon the purchase of their kitchen.

To find out how this could work for you, contact us today:

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1. Create a showroom account

2. Input your kitchens’ details

3. Share passports with your clients